Software engineer based in İstanbul, Turkey. I have a Computer Science and Engineering Bachelor’s Degree from Sabancı University and a Software Engineering Master’s Degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

I started my career as a prototyping engineer working on various cool gadgets; car consoles, video game controllers, hand-tracking systems, geospatial databases, and even smart fabrics. Then I switched to mobile development and worked for a very cool startup called Fleksy in San Francisco. During my tenure as an Android engineer, I realized that AWS makes things much more enjoyable for everyone in the company and decided to focus on it. Since then, I have spent most of my working hours on AWS services, Terraform and GitHub.

After moving back to İstanbul in 2016, I experienced being a freelancer for about a year and then joined another cool startup Lifemote Networks, in 2017. I am responsible for the development, architecture, and maintenance of our software products here.

I like sunny days, elegant designs, and comic books.